The very title of the movie Aliens hints that it will be about some hostile aliens. This is indeed so. The alien is a perfect organism. It is an excellent killing machine, as it has incredible physical power along with a fierce craving for the destruction of everything living. An officer Ellen Ripley, along with the crew of the spaceship Nostromo, once had the misfortune to face this creature. Ellen is the only person left alive after these events.

After many years of traveling through the galaxy, the rescuers discover a capsule with her. It is explained to her that the planet L.V. 426 has been colonized, and she will have to return to the places where she experienced so many horrors since the connection with the colonists is now broken. The character goes to this terrible planet accompanied by marine troops. However, while earlier one could meet only a single alien there, now the number of these creatures has multiplied a thousandfold. Who will win this epic battle: monsters that can only savagely kill or intelligent humans?

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