Influence of mobile gaming on the online casino industry

The market of modern computer and mobile gaming is developing rapidly. Today, it is one of the most unique industries, which absorbs innovations and technological achievements of global developments. Development studios improve and complicate their projects, introducing the best technologies from the world of science and technology.

Thanks to this, the gaming industry not only meets the dynamic needs of PC and smartphone users but also retains its target audience and captures new areas of technological development.

The audiences of players and the volume of target markets of the PC and mobile games industry depend directly on the platform on which these projects are realized. A significant part of the market today is given to gambling – every year, online casinos occupy more and more space in the global gaming market.

In this article, we will talk about the peculiarities of the influence of the gaming industry on the gambling market and find out the main factors of the development of modern mobile games, using the example of Lucky Jet on 1 Win.

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Evolution of the game industry

The modern computer and mobile games industry has become a true cultural phenomenon. Once upon a time, games were considered mere entertainment, but with time, they have outgrown this label and become a true art form. Today, computer and mobile gaming is a multifaceted phenomenon that interacts with social and cultural patterns and reflects societal attitudes. Any talented game reflects creativity, artistic values, and ethical issues.

Computer and mobile video games have evolved in three eras:

  1. The first of them began in the 1950s. However, video games became a real cultural phenomenon only twenty years later – in America, where a talented engineer, Bushnell, opened the first mass production of video games – Atari Corporation. Interestingly enough, in the early 70s, Steve Jobs, who later became a famous entrepreneur, worked at Atari. In parallel with the USA, video games began to be published in Japan. One of the most legendary games of those years is Japanese Pac-Man. The first video games were projects for arcade machines, which laid the foundation for the later sprawling industry of slot gambling games.
  2. The second era includes the period of the 80s. Then, the main engine of the gaming industry was Japanese companies – the market leader was Nintendo, which was replaced by the NES and its legendary project Super Mario Bros., and then Sega with its game console Sega Mega Drive.
  3. Finally, the third stage of video game evolution. It began in the mid-1990s and continues to this day. At the end of the last century, the first high-performance computers appeared, surpassing their predecessors in terms of power by thousands of times. Computers began to support unprecedented graphics and improved the visual component of games, and a huge variety of game mechanics appeared. And in the noughties, mobile games – projects that have only gained mass popularity in recent years and even begun to displace projects for computers from the video game market – spread.

The impact of mobile gaming on the gambling market

Mobile casino gaming apps have become incredibly popular. This is evidenced not only by the huge number of casino app downloads but also by the interest of the gambling community. For example, private developers often create useful tools for creating game strategies in slot projects. Many of them are published in Lucky Jet’s telegram channel and other communities dedicated to one or another popular gambling game.

Mobile gaming is the industry that has fundamentally influenced the transformation of the gambling business. Smartphones have become ubiquitous and real gaming devices – they are powerful, productive, and transmit excellent graphics. The gambling industry instantly overtook the mobile gaming market, and today, developers have created thousands of gaming applications for online casinos.

A characteristic feature of virtual gambling that distinguishes it from its predecessors from the distant noughties is the focus on attractive visual design and an interesting story. All this not only fuels the excitement of players during betting but also radically transforms game betting.


The gaming industry has noticeably transformed in recent years, and mobile gaming has become an influential player in the global entertainment market. Slot games have gained immense popularity among bettors, and with it, consumer confidence in the services of gambling establishments has increased. To increase the chances of winning, players use Lucky Jet signals live.


In recent years, the gaming industry has become a full-fledged participant in the global entertainment services market. Both high-budget and unpopular indie projects have developed. Despite the focus of AAA games on the mass audience, each category of modern gaming finds its players.

The graphic and video game industry has become one of the most intensively developing markets on the planet: studios’ profits depend on the successful promotion of the finished product, so the releases determine the success of new projects, even from studios with a worldwide reputation.

The gambling industry is experiencing intensive development. Today, its evolution is influenced by advanced information technology – its spread caused the popularity of mobile gaming projects and made them available to the masses. Millions of gamblers bet in Lucky Jet online game and other slot games without traveling to traditional gambling establishments. Casinos are rapidly taking over the Internet; gamblers only need a cell phone and a stable network connection.

In addition, the gambling community makes the world of modern gambling more diverse and wider: talented players create their tools for successful betting – among them, Lucky Jet predictor for PC. With such useful chips, gambling and betting on luck become more effective. We wish you successful betting and exciting gambling adventures.

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