Prey takes you to 2032 to the board of the Talos I lunar space station, which represents one of the most significant achievements of space exploration. You are a participant in an experiment aimed at changing the human race. However, the results proved to be terrible. The experiment ended with the capture of the station by evil aliens who are now hunting you. Talos I hides numerous terrible secrets but can also surprise the player with a variety of appealing interiors and secret paths.

Your task is to solve the dark mysteries of the station and its history, relying on the clues left by your ally Morgan Yu. You will have to resort to improvised tools, weapons, and your own ingenuity to survive. Only you can stop the enemies and save all the people on Talos I. You will have to hunt for alien creatures, acquiring improvable superpowers in the process. You will be able to create helpful items by yourself with the help of fabrication plans, devices, and tools.

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