System Shock 2

System Shock 2 takes the gamer to the board of the ultra-modern spaceship Von Braun, capable of overcoming the speed of light. This ship made an incredible achievement in the history of mankind, as it managed to travel to the stars for the first time. However, during the execution of a task, a signal was sent for assistance to the Tau Ceti V sector. The rescue team is rushing to help them. Upon reaching the destination, the rescuers found no trace of anyone and could not determine who sent the signal. No one knew one very important thing — when the team returned, they took something with them.

The gamer will play as a security officer who woke up in a cryogenic chamber and heard heart-rending screams of pain and fear. Thus, the spaceship turns into a dangerous trap, and you can only rely on the voice that sends you to the terrible secrets awaiting in the shadows.

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