Grim Fandango: a new life from Tim Schafer

Everyone who played computer games in the nineties probably remembers this game, as it was popular then. Grim Fandango is a prime example of an adventure game. Players liked it for its story, addictive puzzles, and design which was great for the time. After a long break, an updated version of the game was released. By the way, the same Tim Schafer led the process of creating a new version.

The point and meaning of the game

This computer game was inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday. The game’s protagonist is a travel agent who has died and now sells tickets to heaven to recently departed souls. However, to find peace, they need to overcome many obstacles. People respected in society during their lifetime receive a ticket on the Number Nine train, allowing them to reach heaven in four minutes instead of four years.

The same privilege is enjoyed by those in whose coffin people have put a sufficient amount of money at funerals. Everyone else, including beggars and wandering people, has no choice but to go on a journey with a cane and a compass. And although the agency’s employees are working hard, they need help getting the train ticket they want.

This is because they committed sins during their lifetime, and now they must work them off. Calavera was sure that he was the best employee and hoped that he would soon leave on the special train. However, the plans have not changed in his favor.

He finds out that his superiors are cooperating with the mafia, and all the clients who can help him get free are sent to someone else. That is why Calavera goes on a journey to find the right client.

Grim Fandango


The new version of the game contains all the same features that people have liked a lot and remembered since the nineties. This is an excellent game with a fascinating storyline. The significant advantage of the game is the image quality, which was already excellent before. A few hours of play can blow your mind in a good way. The game is so bright, juicy, and lively that it fills your life with colors.

The game has only one problem: although more than thirty years have passed since the release of the first game, and the new version has the word Remastered in the title, the graphics of the game have not changed much and definitely cannot compare with modern games of the same genre. However, this shortcoming is easily covered by the overall unique style of the play.

For example, the intro for the game is so undeveloped for the modern world of computer games that the picture seems to be transferred from the original.

Developer success

If something in the game has changed globally, it is the controls. The developers did their best and made many changes compared to the game’s first version. In the past, it was rather inconvenient to control the character, but the new performance not only improved the original control but also added two more innovations.

The first of them is designed for gamepads and allows players to direct the character by the direction of the stick. The best control option is the mouse. All players who played the original version unanimously claim that justice has prevailed. This is how it should have always been. The game has indeed improved and gotten better.


In terms of visuals, the game has mostly stayed the same, but the gameplay and usability have improved significantly. In general, this game is worth it for everyone to play to compare it with the previous version. If you have already played the last version of the game, then you will see the difference, which is especially noticeable in the control and movement mechanics.

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