Machinarium: an exciting robot game

Machinarium is an adventure game full of many exciting puzzles that are a pleasure to play. Many of the mysteries are challenging, which makes the game exciting and allows players to assess their IQ. The mechanics and main elements of the game and various tiny details, such as flying butterflies, capture players’ attention.

Users often need to catch up on time because of how detailed the game is. The appearance of the game deserves special attention. It has a unique, mesmerizing style. The characters are always silent, so you must take all the riddles and tasks from the pictures. This has some advantages.

For example, you will be able to make decisions. Besides, characters often give players hints by their appearance or sounds. For example, if you hear an older man’s wheelchair creaking, it means he needs help. Players can see the main character’s thoughts in the pictures, which is supposed to help them move to the next level.


The unique style of the game partially reflects the essence of modern life. There are gray streets, puddles, and no smiles. All characters there are cogs of an extensive system that do not have the slightest chance of changing their miserable lives. Their lives are full of suffering and pain from the past.

In other words, this is a kind of authoritarian state where the citizens are not people but robots. This world causes distrust, and it feels cold and uncomfortable. But as the game progresses, it becomes evident that the characters have some human traits and are trying to live like people. An example of this is an older woman going to church. Isn’t that the most authentic manifestation of humanity?

Even animals, including cats, dogs, and birds, are made of metal in Machinarium. But for some reason, they are all unfriendly and somehow cold, just like metal. While playing, you will involuntarily compare the world of Machinarium with the natural world and notice that they have many similarities. The advantage of the game is a large number of different items with which you can interact in a specific sequence.


Features of the game

The game is based on flash technology. It has certain features, such as the ability of robots to become extended or, on the contrary, turn into something like a tin can. It looks pretty funny, which attracts beginners. The gameplay itself is a pure quest. The essence of the game is as follows: the only way to go to the next level is to solve all the riddles on the current one.

The first thing players need to do at the beginning of the game is to collect their bodies and go to the city. On the way, they will face many problems, for example, a security guard who does not want to let another cog of the system into the city since there are already many of them there. Only the police can enter.

This is one of the puzzles: players must pretend to be someone else by drawing a stripe on their body, stretching out, or changing their clothes. At first, it may seem that the game is primitive and simple. However, each new level will make you think harder and harder. It often happens that the solution is obvious.

On the contrary, it needs to be clarified what to do at other times. And the problem can be not only in the complexity of a certain level but also in the distortion of the visualization. For example, everything can suddenly become dark. But it adds charm to the game and makes you use your wits and creativity.


This game is an excellent choice for those tired of action games. The game will help you both test your intellectual abilities and get a lot of positive emotions from the atmosphere of a well-detailed world.

Many gamers who have already tried the game out leave positive feedback. Each of them claims that the game requires players to use their brains. Some people may find it strange because computer games are usually needed to relax after a hard day at work, but this game makes you think pleasantly and relaxedly. In addition, the game’s detailing will capture your attention completely and will not let you get bored.

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