Minority Report

The movie Minority Report is set in 2054. For the last six years, a special police department has been actively carrying out its duty. Modern psychic technologies have made it possible to develop an experimental program that allows one to learn about the murders that have not yet been committed and put a guilty person under arrest in advance. This system is gradually spreading, becoming more and more popular. The system’s efficiency is perfect, but what would be the feelings of an accused person, who himself previously took an active part in the operation of the device?

One day, the head of the criminal department, John Anderton, also falls under suspicion of a murder that has not yet been committed. The victim is not even familiar to the character, and he does not believe that he could even be capable of such a crime. But now he has to hide from his colleagues. The only way to avoid punishment for the character is to prove that the new program is not as perfect as the department’s staff believed before and is also fallible.

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