Soma is a game in the genre of both science fiction and horror made by the Frictional Games studios. You will have to participate in a chilling storyline, during which you will be able to reflect on such questions as what is consciousness, what is “I, ” and when exactly do I stop being myself? What do we really mean when we say the phrase “being human”? Now the food supplies are almost gone, and the robots are beginning to identify with humans, whereas the radio has gone silent. You will have to go on a journey to the station, for a long time isolated from the rest of the world. You will have to make numerous difficult choices while exploring the PATHOS-II station.

You will have to think about what to do now and whether there are things that continue to be significant and worth fighting for? You will be able to face the nightmares that lie at the bottom of the ocean. Secret documents and records of locked terminals will reveal a lot of mysteries peculiar to this chaos. You must try to find the survivors of the station and determine the future of the entire underwater complex. Danger may await you at each corner. This world is teeming with infected and crazy people. Moreover, a mysterious AI will also be among your opponents. You will have to find an individual approach to each enemy. Your main weapons in this game will be fast running and ingenuity, as you are incapable of open confrontation.

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