Cyberpunk 2077

The adventure role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the big Night City. Influence, luxury, and body modifications are of the most value there. Your in-game character is V, a mercenary who is trying to find a prototype of the most important implant that is a means to achieve immortality. You will be able to take a role of a mercenary with implants and achieve fame in the city. Cyberimplants, character abilities, and gameplay style are variable. Travel across the vast game world of Night City and do things that will affect the storyline and the entire world around you. The vivid, complex, and deep environment will not leave any gamer indifferent:

  1. Turn into a cyborg and make your name city-renown.
  2. Travel across the unique universe, which the developers have tried to make the most vivid, deep, and memorable.
  3. Find the courage to face the danger and accept the main game mission of finding a prototype of the very implant that will allow people to live forever.

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