Video games with better graphics for Android 2023

Retailers note a sharp drop in demand for laptops and desktops. Indeed, why clutter rooms and spend a lot of money when modern tablets are not at all different from computers in the issue of display size and performance, but at the same time they are very cheap.

In this situation, starting with the best graphics on Android became quite popular among users. The big diagonal image is pretty good on the tablet, while you can easily control the characters’ actions with the help of game manipulators, a mouse and a keyboard that you can connect to your mobile device.

At the same time, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the plot and forget about everything, you can use devices such as smart multi-inch TV sets on the Android platform.

Android games with better graphics

There is a simple answer to this question. So there are ratings based on user preferences and opinions of professional experts in the field of video games for this. All you have to do is try out how the top games match the gamer’s personal preferences. You will see a huge range of games, but here, we would like to give an example of the best of them as modern visualisation technology has made great progress:

  • ASPHALT 9: LEGENDS. According to experts, this project has become a thing both for the depth of the plot and for the quality of the picture. There is nothing more fascinating than the speed racing on fast cars of the most popular brands. Feel behind the wheel of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and more than 50 models of cars. You will get a great opportunity to race with real opponents in multiplayer mode. The developers applied all the latest graphics technology to improve the level of visualisation of races. The most important thing for you is that you have enough performance from your processor. In general, the graphics of this game are not inferior to those of the computer and game consoles.
  • CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE. This project was created specifically for fans of the classic shooter in the application to Android and iOS of the last versions that show users all that modern flagship tablets and smartphones. All traditional cards will be available to you as well as all familiar characters. The game will give you a clear understanding of why buying a desktop PC is not a necessity for you.
  • MORTAL KOMBAT. This is another successful adaptation of this classic game saga for mobile operating systems. The creators of this game not only managed to squeeze out all the graphics but also upgraded the gameplay and gave users new game components and ways to participate in the process. You will need a smartphone with 3D RAM, which will cope with all the visual effects that this game is capable of.

Trends in the development of video games for mobile operating systems are relevant ways of developing. Today, developers create remakes and remaster of old and gold game projects for those devices that are popular in the modern world.

Here is another interesting project with excellent graphics for mobile devices, in which the developers decided not to trifle and to introduce all the favourite superheroes of modern users, such as INJUSTICE. Here, every user will meet Superman, Batman, The Flash, and many other heroes who have become familiar to him or her in recent years, as well as the long-established characters and fighters against the evil that is injustice.

This game will delight you with detailed and in-depth development of locations and characters, as well as complex visual effects. There is an excellent multiplayer mode in which you can compete and compare your strength and skill with other users who are battle fans on the computer display.

If you are a user of modern and powerful smartphones, then we advise you to pay attention to such a project as DRAGON RAJA. This is an anime-style fashion game with a Japanese flavour. Here, you can feel what it’s like to be a samurai and swordsman in great graphics. There are all the components of the classic MMORPG, such as pumping the character, fighting enemies and creating your unique dream world.

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