The best single games to help you get away from society

Well-being, comfort and unlimited consumption are the benefits of civilization and the joint organised work and creativity of people. However, close communication with those around you, even those closest and dearest, will require a great deal of mental strain and an expense of life.

There is one great method that will help you relax and take a little break from society, such as single computer games. It’s a gameplay that won’t make you call any partner or rival. These games will help you fully immerse yourself in your heart and learn a lot about your powers and capabilities.

However, you probably don’t want to spend your time on long-term independent verification of gamer projects and decide personally what the best solo games are popular in the video game market today. We’ve done this analysis a long time ago, so all you have to do is go to our video game rankings, which our experts have done.

Best video game solo 2023

Often, people leave society for self-development. In this issue, video games are a completely modern and effective solution. Then you won’t have to avoid the usual urban comfort. Also, in the best gaming stories, you can learn a lot about your inner world and unlock your potential. You shouldn’t listen to those who claim that video games are a waste of time. The fact is that we want to describe the best games for you in which you will play solo:

  • A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE. It’s a project by Asobo Studio. Thanks to the novels of Walter Scott, many modern people portray the Middle Ages as an era of romanticism, beautiful ladies and brave knights who are busy defending the weak and the disadvantaged. Historical evidence shows a very different Middle Ages. The thing is, it was a time of human cruelty to one another, of terrible epidemics and hourly struggles to survive without modern technology. The game’s plot revolves around a young girl who lost her loved ones to the plague. Later, she was persecuted by the ruthless Inquisition. Gamer will have to gauge his strength and survive in the unfamiliar conditions of the Middle Ages.
  • Control. This is a remake from the famous and talented Remedy studio. The plot of this game will be interesting for fans of such a popular series as «Secret materials». The user will untangle crimes and mystical events in an abandoned building that is filled with ghosts and evil spirits. The game’s character and gamer will be able to learn about the unique superpowers that anyone has potentially, as well as try to apply them in practice.
  • DAYS GONE project will be like the most brutal and brave guys. The game follows the adventures of a fearless biker who rides a powerful motorcycle and shoots a shotgun, so he lives in post-apocalypse conditions. After a global disaster, people turned into bloodthirsty monsters. Gamer has to shoot and ride a speed bike through the vast expanses of Oregon with pleasure.

The current list of the best video game solos would be incomplete without another game. It is a modern version of the classic superhero story called BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT by Rocksteady Studio. This game revolves around the adventures of the main character in the mystical, mysterious Arkham, which is overflowing with obscure but no less dangerous creatures such as the most dangerous and mysterious Arkham Knight.

We would like to complete our list of games that are optimal for single-play. To this end, we would like to cite the story of the legendary tomb robber Lara Croft. In the RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER storyline, a fearless warrior bravely battles her father’s killers, such as Trinity. This secret organisation is waging a relentless struggle for world domination and the enslavement of mankind.

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