Batman: Arkham Knight – a game from the legendary Batman series

Batman Arkham Knight has primarily positive reviews; only a few consider the game terrible. Moreover, when it was first released, many people called it the best game of the year and the best Batman game.

Arkham Knight is great not only as a game. The comic book first came out over seventy-five years ago. A lot has happened and changed since the 1940s. Nearly eighty years later, people have changed their minds about Batman, and he is no longer a funny comic book character. The image of Batman was transferred to many formats, including computers. And the result turned out to be very good.


Unfortunately, transferring the character to other formats had some drawbacks. For example, like in other parts of the game, Batman is too serious here, and sometimes it even makes you forget that a natural person is behind the mask and latex. Batman in the game is a stone-faced walking codebook that sometimes makes the game feel a little too dark.

On the other hand, there is always such a thing as honor. Another point that seems out of place for many players is what happens in Batman’s head. The exact format of how this happens is strange. For example, Batman’s thoughts can appear on the screen during the game. His tragic memories also arise out of nowhere, which can sometimes be annoying.

Ultimately, the bandits shout to Batman, “We were hoping for your kindness.” The main drawback of the Arkham Knight version is that all its tasks are similar. However, the developers are working hard to fix the problem.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The story

The events that take place in the city of Gotham are exciting and terrifying at the same time. The federal authorities and the police abandoned the town. The reason for this was the terrorists and their backers who spread in the city. Now the city stands and languishes.

To help you better understand the situation in the town, here is one example: the police are so weak and helpless that they cannot even kick a person with a cigarette out of a restaurant because that person is a backer of one of the terrorists. The man threatens the police to pour a can of poisonous liquid right there, and if they do not obey, then his boss will run an entire tank of such liquid on the city.

In the following days, most of the population flees the city. Bandits roam the streets and start fights. Batman comes to save the city. Batman’s most recognizable item is, of course, the Batmobile. However, driving the car is difficult, as it has complicated control mechanics. In any case, this drawback is insignificant considering the time the developers have devoted to the detailed car drawing.

The point of the game

Arkham Knight is a game about a tough guy who wants to seem severe and dangerous. During the game, players will see many times the various manifestations of the coolness of the protagonist. For example, they can see how the Batmobile spectacularly dives over the city and the rooftops or how Batman beautifully finishes off his enemies with spectacular special techniques.

Over time, The Dark Knight gradually moved from a comic book to a computer game format. The exciting thing is that the developers of these games are people who grew up on Batman comics and now want to change the foundations of society. And you got to admit. They are good at it.

Rocksteady created a whole series of Batman games. And although it took them six years, it was worth it. Arkham Knight, in particular, was a high-quality and well-developed game that everyone could play to get many positive emotions. The game is rightfully considered one of the best in the Dark Knight series, mainly due to its excellent detailed graphics and many features that other Batman games do not have.

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