Best detective games for computers 2023

Crime novels and television series are among the most popular entertainments of modern man. The problem with such a pastime is that the reader and viewer are completely passive and are forced to watch the plot twists and decisions of characters from the outside when he plays in these projects.

At the same time, the reader or viewer often thinks that the protagonists do the wrong thing and that he or she could suggest more intelligent actions. Computer games will give you the opportunity to use your own deductive method.

Today, video game developers have made significant progress not only in graphical solutions and ways of volumetric visualisation of gameplay but also in stories that have become much more sophisticated and interactive.

Games detectives for computers that are among the best

Any user can choose the best detective games without difficulty, so experts and gamers create independent ratings based on their personal experience of participating in investigations of complex crimes and handing villains to justice. This makes life easier for any modern gamer, so we suggest you take a look at our list of the best detective games for your PC.

The fact that modern gamers use fast and high-performance computers because the games of recent years look archaic and simply primitive, even if they were developed in the golden age of computer games. The fact is that modern mentality dictates such rules. At the same time, modern developers supply very high-quality samples of computer games to the modern market:

  • L.A. Noire from the Australian Team Bondi. This project represents the dream of a gamer to become a full-fledged participant in an exciting detective television series featuring actors who are widely known for the serial criminal sagas that people watch on their television screens. Innovative facial expression technology will help you figure out lies and solve crimes as well as Sherlock Holmes. The action of this amazing and interactive game series will take place in Hollywood in the 1940s when the era of jazz was in its prime. The events of this project will help you feel the atmosphere of the metropolis, which is becoming more and more every year.
  • THE WOLF AMONG US is one of the best projects of Telltale Games studio. In the plot of this game, stories of folk tales are associated with episodes from popular comic books. The reincarnation of souls from fairy tales occurs with the main characters of this story. The game’s protagonist Bigby Wolf attempts to atone for the sins of his past lives, so he preys on modern criminals and saves girls from the atrocities that may befall them. The transfer of folklore images to the image of a modern city creates unique vibes for this game.
  • SHERLOCK HOLMES: CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS FROM FROGWARES STUDIO. The thing is, video game designers couldn’t ignore this greatest and most famous detective of all time. The stories of the unsurpassed master of deduction are converted into a modern dynamic story. Despite this, there is the usual leisurely style of narrating of Dr Watson too. Every gamer will have the perfect opportunity to compete with the very founder of the deductive method of crime investigation and the inevitability of punishment, Sherlock Holmes.

The Still Life trilogy is also a very famous variant in our list of interesting detective video games. The title of this game sounds ironic, as a lady detective and an FBI officer who is busy with bloody crime investigations can hardly have a quiet life. This game will take the user to Prague in the early twentieth century and Chicago at the turn of the century. Not all components of this game are well developed, but in general, this project deserves the attention of fans of criminal stories, who would like to practise insight.

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