AniMixPlay: applications for searching of content within the science fiction genre

Science fiction is a literary genre that has become very popular with modern people. In addition, reading such books has many advantages. Cause the genre is about learning the impact of new technologies and exploring culture and society. Among the books written in this genre, there are unique narratives about selection, artificial intelligence and innovation. The world’s smartest writers explore themes that inspire people’s curiosity and interest in the world around them.

Science fiction goes far beyond the real world. It makes readers think about the future of humanity and the role of every human being in the process. Such literature allows a person to get rid of stress, immerses in history and helps to forget about small life troubles. Many researchers believe that science fiction flourishes when there is a dramatic leap in society because many people immediately want to know what will happen in the field of science and society in the coming years and even months, as well as which scientists will come up with further developments.

Some features

This unique genre immerses readers in new worlds. It has already predicted many discoveries in science and technology and sent a man into the unknown world of space. The merit of the fiction writers lies in the fact that they were the prophets of many discoveries that took place in science decades later, and also showed the readers of their time the type of person whose transformation is the result of advances in science and technology.

Several factors relate to the main unique features of science fiction as a literary genre:

  • the scientific problem is always at the heart of the story;
  • the author offers the readers a completely new way of looking at familiar things;
  • stories are based on the description of fictional images and situations;
  • there is always a fragment of scientific prediction;
  • literature offers readers social and psychological forecasts;
  • books often describe human behaviour driven by the influence of advanced technology.

The distinctive features of this genre are the special connection of fiction with science. Fiction, which can detail achievements, is always on the brink of cultural and technological progress. It has a basis that consists of fictional assumptions that lie in the planes of different sciences. Often, writers in their creations describe non-existent technologies. They pay special attention to surprising scientific discoveries, predict possible contacts with other civilizations, and discuss alternative scenarios. The action of the characters of the books written in this genre takes place in the future in most cases.

eBoox app
eBoox app

For those who like not only to enjoy books written in the science fiction genre but also to watch equally fascinating films and series, AniMixPlay apk app was created. Using this interesting program, you will be able to view video content in the anime genre and other ones. If you want to read, the eBoox application is specially designed for this. Users of this application will be able to find a huge selection of books in an electronic format that they can run on either a computer or a laptop or a smartphone or a tablet.

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