Most curious facts of the “Lord of the Rings”

The iconic John Tolkien book is still incredibly popular among readers and fans of fantasy literature. The world of Middle-earth has many admirers who continue to study the travel books of Frodo and his friends. Some of them devoted part of their lives to finding interesting facts that relate to novels and films.

The difference between movie and book

Although they have the same story, some fans of the book have noticed a disagreement. So, in the film, we see the journey of Frodo and Aragorn. The first hero went to Mount Doom because he was entrusted with destroying the ring of power possessed by terrible force. Aragorn is a character whom we see as the defender of Middle-earth from the dark forces. The author, like most readers, considers Sam to be the protagonist of the film, who is portrayed as a supporting character.

At the same time, in the films, Frodo went on a journey to destroy the ring, but a few months after he had received it from Bilbo. In the book version, there is a 17 years wide period. Frodo and Sam, whom we see in the film, travel through Osgiliath. As for the book, the hobbits never entered these places.

Other facts about this story

«Lord of the Rings» has a large number of fans. Some of them believe that the book is much better than the film, other ones prefer to watch the trilogy on TV. So you can watch movies with convenience, you can use some apps for iPhone. Any version of the movie is always available on your tablet or smartphone, and you can even download it for your mobile device. As for the video, modern smartphone programs allow users to watch movies in high quality, and this seems to us a pleasant factor since there are many users who are just fans of quality special effects.

«Lord of the Rings» is one such work of art. The last part of the trilogy received such an award as the American Film Academy Award called «Best Film». It is also one of the best books by the BBC.

Bilbo Baggins

Originally, Tolkien conceived his saga as a continuation of «The Hobbit». The original author’s version envisaged that the books would be about Bilbo’s new adventures. However, the writer decided to start another story with familiar characters to show what a great power there is in that ring.

Attentive fans of the saga noticed that Gandalf never touched the artefact. This fact was not noted in the book or in the film. The character himself has repeatedly admitted that he was tempted to take the ring.

The creators of the film told some interesting facts about what was happening on the set. So, the most epic battle that happened in Helm’s Deep, the plot lasted all night. It began after sunset and ended at dawn. This scene was shot only at nights. The process took several months.

The author of the novel is buried with his wife. Beren and Luthien are inscribed on their gravestones after their real names. They refer to a love story between an elf and a man. Tolkien liked these characters and in the plot of his books, a representative of the race of elves gave up her immortality for the love of a man. She was the first of her tribesmen not to go to the Halls of Mandos, but to die like a common man.

There are much more interesting facts about the book and movies from the story of “Lord of the Rings”. Although written many years ago, it is still considered one of the best in the fantasy genre. Tolkien managed to create a vast world in which each character has unique traits.

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