As part of the game’s storyline, in Stellaris, you will be able to travel around the galaxy and come face to face with a huge number of alien races, interacting with them in various ways. You have the opportunity to establish your own galactic empire. Besides, you will come across mysterious treasures and unusual cosmic phenomena. You will be able to manage a whole nation whose activities can be directed to any purpose at your discretion. In the beginning, your civilization is just starting to develop in the field of intergalactic travel.

You will be able to send research spacecraft to explore the most remote corners of the galaxy and learn the most incredible stories of other worlds, which will undoubtedly have an impact on your empire. In turn, construction ships should be used to surround the discovered planets with stations. The scope of research can be both expanded and limited. In this game, there are both allies who are always ready to provide tangible assistance and opponents who have to be confronted. The system of unique planets and celestial bodies will allow you to fully appreciate the space atmosphere in perfect detail.

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