The best science fiction films

If you analyze science fiction screenplays, the best films in this genre from the moment of its inception have always given the viewer a little glimpse into the future. The first sci fi movies appeared already at the end of the 19th century. At that moment they helped people to imagine the things that seemed fantastic – flying cars, robots, cordless phones, travels into space and so on.

Thanks to such films, not only the veil is lifted over the future, but also the keys to understanding the present are given.

Sci-Fi films: top list

Modern sci-fi movies also broaden the horizons of the possible for the viewer, offering him new angles of view on ordinary life, the possibility to imagine an alternative future, etc.

  1. The “Matrix” trilogy is the Wachowski brothers’ fantasy that the world visible to humans is nothing more than a computer program. In fact, humanity has long been enslaved by the machines that use people as the batteries.
  2. «Inception». This movie by Christopher Nolan offers a glimpse into the depths of the human subconscious. It tells the story of a clever fraud who gets into the minds of others while they are asleep in order to ferret out their secrets or introduce a previously unrelated idea.

  3. «The Butterfly Effect». Another work that is rightfully ranked among the top sci-fi films. It tells the story of a young man who, while reading his diaries, could travel back in time and change the events taking place at that moment. The problem is that all his subsequent life changed in the most unpredictable way after making the corrections.
  4. « Arrival». Denis Villeneuve’s film shows an unusual perspective on how events might develop upon the first contact with an alien race. At the center of the story is physicist Ian Donnelly and linguist Louise Banks, who are trying to prevent disaster and find understanding with the aliens.
  5. «Edge of tomorrow». Doug Liman’s movie offers a glimpse into an alternate future where humanity faces a hostile race of alien invaders. But in one crucial battle Major Cage is caught in a time loop after being killed. And, living through the battle day by day, he seeks the clue to how to defeat the invaders after all.

It is difficult to list all the best sci-fi movies in a short review, but it is definitely worth watching the ones mentioned. After that you can move to “Interstellar” , “District 9” , “The Martian” , “Gravity” , “Artificial Intelligence: AI” , etc.

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